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Potential Career Breakthroughs with a Masters Degree

Potential Career Breakthroughs with a Masters Degree

05 Aug 2022

While most of us wash our hands off education after we’ve graduated with a bachelor degree, it’s also worth noting that as the requirements for top-pedigree positions increase, bachelor degrees are fast becoming a dime a dozen and aren’t necessarily enough to give you the career advancement that you’re looking for. Today, more young Singaporeans are pausing their careers temporarily to enrol in a masters programme in Singapore in a bid to climb further up the corporate ladder. Is it time for you to consider doing likewise? Here are a few potential career breakthroughs you can achieve with a master degree in Singapore.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) — Career Paths

Masters in Business Administration MBA - Career Paths Master degree in Singapore

MBA is one of the most widely recognised master degrees in Singapore, if not the world. Given that much of the programme is designed to enhance each student’s entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills, as well as professional business practice, it is not surprising at all for managerial positions in various industries to favour MBA graduates. These positions include — business operations manager; financial manager; human resource manager; management consultant; and other roles that require sound leadership abilities.

Masters in Business Analysis — Career Paths

Masters in Business Analysis - Career Paths Master degree in Singapore

Big data is ubiquitous in almost every organisation as a means to maximise their profitability and other essential aspects of its business, both internally and externally. While a bachelor in data analytics can practically land you similar jobs, the ceiling is inevitably not as high compared to taking on the same role with a masters in business analytics. Besides the fundamental skills, this masters programme in Singapore will also broaden your knowledge of core themes such as business intelligence, information system theories, and more. Positions offered to these graduates include — machine learning engineer; data architect; chief technology officer; and chief data officer.

Masters in Digital Marketing — Career Paths

Masters in Digital Marketing - Career Paths Master degree in Singapore

A career in digital marketing is one of the most sought after around the world, as businesses seek to establish their online presence across a wide range of digital platforms. A master degree in Singapore in digital marketing covers all spectrums of digital marketing, from metrics, to content creation, to even the business end of marketing. This gives you a bird’s eye view of digital marketing as a sum of all its parts. To that end, the positions made available for these graduates are broader and more extensive, including — brand manager; SEO expert; media strategist; and business development manager.

Masters in Supply Chain Management — Career Paths

Masters in Supply Chain Management - Career Paths Master degree in Singapore

In a world where timely global supply chains are sorely needed to meet the demands of a rapidly moving society, a masters in supply chain management is the ideal masters programme in Singapore to help you gain an understanding of international business trends that shape global supply chains and how they impact businesses around the world. With a masters in supply chain management, you’ll have the opportunity to oversee entire supply chain operations with positions like — forecasting manager; global supply chain manager; warehouse manager; and operations specialist; playing a major role in keeping supply chains moving smoothly under demanding conditions.

In short, investing in a master degree in Singapore not only unlocks management-level positions across many industries; it also boosts your credibility even in non-managerial roles, raising your ceiling in terms of salary and marketability should you choose to explore what else your respective industries have to offer. Here at Amity, we offer globally recognised masters programmes in Singapore to set you on the right path for success. For more information about our programmes, please visit our website.

Potential Career Breakthrough with a Master degree in Singapore

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