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Complete ALL sections in BLOCK CAPITALS in black ink or electronically for email and attach copies of certificates/other required documents.




Intake (if you are not aware, please contact Amity's Marketing department)


EDUCATION RECORDS (Please attach all Certificates & Transcripts)

Name of School/University City/Country Qualification Awarded


Name of Award City/Country Qualification Awarded


Have you ever been suspended, dismissed or put on academic probation or warning at any school or college?
If 'Yes' please explain on the text box


If applicants first language and/or education is not in English, please enclose copies of English language proficiency as required and tick the appropriate level.
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If 'Yes', please indicate the total numbers of year/month
Details of current / last job


(Please give reasons for choosing this programme of study. You may attach further sheets).




  • In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”), AGI seeks your consent to collect and use your personal data (ie. Name/Passport number, contact numbers, mailing and email addresses) in order to maintain the student enrolment registers and to disclose such personal data to the relevant educational authorities where necessary.
  • AGI will also collect and use your personal data to provide you with information on our activities such as upcoming events, seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes organised by AGI and its affiliated organisations which may be relevant to you.
  • AGI respects your privacy and assures that your personal data will be kept securely according to PDPA.



I wish to participate in the Activities / Events organised by Amity Global Institute and/or it’s Agent/s.


I warrant that I am in good health and have no physical condition that would endanger my life while participating in the Activities / Events.


Whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by Amity Global Institute and/or its agent/s to ensure the safety of participants, I understand that I take part in the Activities / Events as a participant at my own risk. I confirm and agree that Amity Global Institute and/or its agent/s will not be held liable by me for any personal injury or death arising from my participation in the Activities / Events or for any loss of or damage to my property arising from my participation in the Activities / Events except for such injury or death that is caused directly by Amity Global Institute’s or its agent/s’ gross negligence.


In consideration of Amity Global Institute allowing me to participate in the Activities / Events, I undertake that if, in the course of the Activities / Events, I deliberately or negligently cause any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person or any damage to or loss of any property of any person, I shall indemnify Amity Global Institute if that suffering person makes claims or takes actions against Amity Global Institute has to pay for costs or expenses.


[If you are an international student, please acknowledge the following]

[If you are not an international student, please skip this section]


I declare that I will not be engaged in any form of employment or attend an industrial attachment/internship programme, whether paid or unpaid, without a valid work pass issued by Ministry of Manpower. (Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Cap. 91A))


I declare that I will not be overstaying or working illegally in Singapore which is a serious offence and on conviction, the penalties may include mandatory imprisonment and caning.


I declare that I will be fulfilling the attendance requirements. I am aware of the following Attendance Requirements.

International Student: If International Student fails to meet either of the below requirement without valid reason, he/she will be dismissed from the course and the Student Pass will be cancelled.

  • International Student will have to meet at least 90% monthly attendance rate
  • Attend class for a continuous period of seven days or more

Further for international students on student’s pass, 90% attendance is required in order to be eligible to sit for examinations/ assessments. Failing which the student will also be barred from the examinations / assessments of the module concerned. Further the student needs to repeat the entire module with attendance and payment of the relevant fees.


The student has been briefed on the following items:

Note to student: Please indicate with Yes the items that you have been briefed on and with ‘N.A.’s the items that are not applicable to you

Amity Global Institute’s locations, facilities & infrastructure

All fees payable throughout the student’s duration of study, all payment modes accepted by Amity Global Institute and any payment schedules

The necessity for the student to sign the Advisory Note to Students and Private Education Institution-Student Contract before proceeding to make payment for fees to Amity Global Institute.

The fee protection insurance scheme adopted by Amity Global Institute

Any clauses that may be in the Private Education Institution-Student Contract

Amity Global Institute’s transfer, withdrawal, deferment and refund polices

The Student Support services offered by Amity Global Institute (E.g. counselling)

The entry requirements for the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student, any possible exemptions for the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student and the process by which the student might apply for his/ her chosen course

The outlines of the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student and their respective modules

The suitability of the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student with the student’s aspirations

The durations of and assessment schedules for the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student

Amity Global Institute’s attendance policy

The promotion and award criteria of the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student and any special conditions for the same

The type of certification that will be awarded at the end of the course(s) that is/ are of interest to the student

Any opportunities for the student to pursue further education after graduation from Amity Global Institute and the job prospects of studying at Amity Global Institute

The Committee for Private Education’s official website,

Amity Global Institute's Medical Insurance Scheme and Policy (to opt-out if applicable)


For International Students

The requirements and procedures for Student’s Pass application

The fact that Student’s Pass holders are not permitted to engage in any form of employment or attend any industrial attachment/internship programme, whether paid or unpaid, without a valid work pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower

Other relevant Singapore laws (E.g. Immigration requirements, Laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, employment, smoking, traffic and littering, etc.)

Life in Singapore (Accommodation, Cost of living, etc.)



Amity Global Institute shall treat the student’s information as a highly confidential property of the school and will not disclose any information to any third party without the written consent of the student in this agreement.

Amity Global Institute shall only store necessary and limited information pertaining to the student’s attendance such as the student’s NRIC/FIN No., ID Number, Name and fingerprints (not as images but in alpha-numeric code).

From day to day, Amity Global Institute shall only store IN and OUT timings, class schedule timings, leaves, withdrawals and all other related activity scheduled information.

After the student has graduated and/or left Amity Global Institute all data and information pertaining to the student will be erased, deleted and destroyed by the school’s biometrics system.

Amity Global Institute Pte Ltd

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