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Certificate in Business English – Beginner

Certificate in Business English – Beginner

The programme is delivered via lectures, seminars, workshops, business games and simulations and directed independent study.

Programme Overview

Awarding authority Amity, Singapore
Academic Year/Time Schedule/Programme Duration Duration of course is 2 Months
Mode Full Time
Teaching Amenities, Facilities etc Lecturer rooms, Library, computer lab, student study space



16 years old

  • The Certificate in Business English – Beginner is offered to both local (Singaporean) and international students, who are 16 years old and above and have completed their high school education. All potential students are required to sit for a placement test to ascertain their proficiency levels before admittance into any of these courses.
  • Placement Test
    An English Placement Test (EPT) is to be administered at Amity to determine the respective levels the students qualify for. Students who are in their country of origin are required to sit for 2 EPT. Students who have taken the EPT at the Recruitment Agent’s Office at their country of origin will need to take a second EPT which will be conducted at Amity premise. Only the latter test will determine the final level of English that the students qualify for.
Course Application Fee
Course Application Fee* Local Students : S$150 (Onetime Only)
International Students : S$350 (Onetime Only)
– Course application fee is non refundable.
– Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.
Fees Breakdown Total Payable (S$)
  Local International
Tuition Fee 3000 3000
Total Course Fees Payable 3000 3000
  1. FPS Insurance premiums are paid by Amity, unless stated in the Student Contract which has to be paid by the student separately.
  2. Fees indicated are exclusive of 7% GST & examination fee.
  3. Valid Employment Pass / Special Pass / Work Permit Holders to will pay ‘Local’ Course Fees.
  4. For Miscellaneous Fees: Click Here
  5. Click Here for more information on the Mode of Payment.
*Terms and Conditions:
  1. iPad / Laptop will be given to students who have enrolled in the following:
    • Amity Global Institute — Diploma / Advance Diploma / Post Graduate Diploma only
    • University of Northampton — Bachelor degrees starting at Year 1 or Year 2 only
    • University of Northampton – Master of Business Administration full-time students only
  2. Students who are on Scholarship / Discount are not be eligible for iPad / Laptop.
  3. Students who are eligible must specify their choice for iPad or Laptop during Admission.
  4. iPad / Laptop will be issued within 3 weeks after class commencement with payment of FULL course fee or 1st Instalment (for courses more than 12 months duration) and subject to availability of stock.

The course aims to aid and prepare Non-Native Speakers of the English Language to learn and grasp the fundamentals of the language. At the end of the course, the students will be able to read and write in English as well as be able to comprehend and use English in conversations. The course offers a comprehensive syllabus which aims to prepare learners up to the Elementary level.

With the help of the recommended texts, the course aims to provide a seamless syllabus progression from beginner to Elementary level. Grammatical structures will be introduced in different contexts with questions that will encourage students to work out the rules for themselves. The vocabulary syllabus will involve the learning of new words in lexical sets; as well as acquiring good habits for picking up vocabulary. Reading and listening activities contextualise and bring together previously introduced language. The syllabus contains practices which are broken down into different units.

The unit by unit study will help in focusing on developing students’ written English in different contexts and tones. The interesting choices of texts, together with manageable motivating tasks help students to develop fluency and accuracy in the core areas of language acquisition. Workbooks are offered at each level to cover a range of exercises intended to extend the grammar and vocabulary. There is also supplementary material at various levels including: Pronunciation Course, Making Headway as well as an interactive CD-ROM.

A supplementary workbook is also used, targeted at advancing the student’s level of grammar. The book is designed to help learners master key concepts in English grammar easily and quickly. Students who need to acquire a level of competency in writing will find the exercises useful.


Student will be assessed through formative and summative assessments. These will include assessment on reading, writing, listening and speaking relevant to the level of study.

The types of assessments students will complete during the course may include tests, reports, proposals, giving presentations, leading and participating in group discussions, group projects, listening and note taking and reading tasks.

Students who have completed the this level can move on to study the next level in English to improve on their English proficiency.

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