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City Information

Singapore is known for its multi cultural diversity and its modernity. Modern day Singapore can be described as a city of glass, concrete, shopping centres, temple worshippers, freeways and fortune tellers. If you are a student from outside Singapore, fear not of isolation as you will come across people of every culture and walks of life. You are welcomed with the sound of the muezzin's and aroma of freshly ground spices while your eyes feast on world class art performances.

Such is the aura of Singapore, that the list becomes exhaustive.


Singapore's night life has lately become popular among young middle class people. There are ample numbers of night spots that you can visit with a large number of bars and discos to attract your attention. If you have an artistic bend then visiting the Chinese street operas is just the treat you are looking at. The night markets, classic music performed by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, dances performed by the Singapore dancers and theater productions are a must watch for all. So when in Singapore do not miss the action, one can say.


Who says that shopping can not be considered a National past time? Singaporeans will take you by surprise as this is just what it is in Singapore. The place is an extravaganza for shopping; there are around 250 shopping malls. The shops are open from 9am in the morning to 10pm, making it a lot easier for people to shop as per their convenience. You can shop for designer wear clothing's to casual clothes the experience is varied and sometimes even surprising. Out of all the places to visit Orchard road is a must visit for good deals. Also, what you must not miss is the Great Singapore Sale when prices dive nose down. It is a treat for all the shopoholics.


Traveling in Singapore is easy as well as economical. The best way to commute within the city is by taxis, buses or Mass Rapid Transit rail systems. The taxis are affordable and hassle free for students to travel. Finding a taxi would not be problem as they are made available outside every big shopping mall in well marked taxi stands. Besides taxis, buses are equally helpful for ease of traveling as they are extremely frequent and comprehensive in terms of accessibility from anywhere at anytime.

Food & Eating

Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating food in Singapore.
The food is affordable for people from all walks of life- that range from the hawker centres, stylish restaurants and also to top class hotels. In a nutshell, Singapore is also in many ways considered as the Food Capital of Asia. You can expect a mélange of flavors to spoil your palette owing to its multicultural heritage. Asian, Continental, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Korean Cuisine and Peranakan these are just some. Phew! So much for delicious pastimes that also include the Singapore Food Festival in July that is held throughout the year.


The weather in Singapore is fairly humid. You will experience warm summer temperatures throughout the year. There are no distinct weather conditions in Singapore that define a wet or dry spell. Rainfalls are experienced between November to January these spells are usually sudden and are heavy. Owing to its positioning close to the equator the climate is considered tropical year round.