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26 JAN 2018
Resume Writing

“Resume Writing and Letter of Intention for a Successful Job Application” a workshop conducted and presented by Mr Michael Chance, Senior Lecturer at Amity Global Institute – Singapore.

26 JAN 2018
Effective Interpersonal Relationships Skills
Guest Lecture

"Effective Interpersonal Relationships Skills", a session conducted by our Expert Guest Speaker: MR WILLIAM SIM ANG LEE - Author / Business Coach at LiFECareer & Trainer of MACE Investment LLP

19 JAN 2018
Recruitment Session

Meet the recruitment AXA TEAM - Financial Services Managers:  Mr Damien Teo, Ms Angela Goh and Mr Tony Lu representing AXA


12 JAN 2018
Get Hired!
Guest Lecture

“GET HIRED! Be So Valuable that Companies Want to Employ YOU” a session conducted by Mr Tylus Lim, Founder & Lead Trainer at Tycoon Brain Productions

12 JAN 2018
Book Review Programme
CRC Programme

Introducing Book Review Programme – session conducted by Ms Monica M Cucos (BA, MBA, LLM) - Corporate Development Manager at Amity Global Institute, Singapore

12 JAN 2018
Country and Industry Exposure Programmes
CRC Programme

Country and Industry Exposure Programmes – Student Presentations

08 DEC 2017
CRC Programmes - Student Presentations
Corporate Resource Centre Programmes

Student Presentations on INDUSTRY Exposure Programme and COUNTRY Exposure Programme, a session conducted by Ms Monica Montesino Cucos -BA, MBA, LLM - Corporate Development Manager at Amity Global Institute, Singapore.

01 DEC 2017
Foundation Engineering
Guest Lecture

Foundation Engineering – Overview and Case Studies a guest lecture conducted by Mr Darin Baruah - Assistant Professor, Amity University, Noida

01 DEC 2017
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Guest Lecture

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) & Recent Trends and Research - a guest lecture conducted by Dr Tanupriya Choudhury - Assistant Professor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India

24 NOV 2017
Global Competition and Innovation
Guest Lecture

Sustainability and Automobile Manufacturing - Toyota Manufacturing System: JIT, KAN BAN, 5 S, Lean and 6 Sigma a guest lecture conducted by Dr Rahul Gupta MBA, Ph. D. and FDPM from IIM Ahmedabad, Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India

17 NOV 2017
What I Wish I Knew About Investment Banking

"What I Wish I Knew About Investment Banking Before I Became a Banker" a seminar conducted by industry expert guest speaker: Mr. Rick Marchese, MBA - Head Banker for Asia, Investment Banking Institute

14 NOV 2017
Role of Technology in Business Intelligence
International Conference

Amity Global Institute - 6th International Conference on “Role of Technology in Business Intelligence"

Expert Guest Speakers:

Dr HUONG HA, Senior Lecturer at Singapore University of Social Science

Mr MARSHALL WAN, General Manager, Grande Alliance Corporation Pte Ltd

Mr LEONARD EUGEN CUCOS – (BSc, MBA, MCP, MCSA Security, MCSE, MCTS, CCNA, KLCP), Expert of Engineering Telecom Infrastructure Networks at NOKIA Singapore

Mr SUN XI, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ESGuru, Singapore

Mr BRIAN ROBERTS, Managing Director of Checkbox Pte Ltd


Dr DAVID KUO, Chief Executive Officer of The Motley Fool Singapore


03 NOV 2017
NeWater Plant Singapore
Industrial Visit

Our students learned about water sustainability in Singapore.

27 OCT 2017
Revolutionizing the Lifestyle Ecosystem

Revolutionizing the Lifestyle Ecosystem through Breakthrough Technology – a seminar conducted by Mr James Lee;

Guest Appearances – Kalene LC Tan, Lukas Lee, Raymond PNG

20 OCT 2017
Personal Effectiveness in Interview Skills

Personal Effectiveness in Interview Skills (With Personal Branding in Image)

Trainer: Mr Joshua Luke, Author & TV Personality, Group Chief Trainer Coach at Signature Image Academy International.

13 OCT 2017
Cryptocurrency Explained
Guest Lecture

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Impact on the Cyberspace Ecosystem.

Expert Guest Speaker: Mr Leonard Eugen C. (BSc, MBA, MCP, MCSA Security, MCSE, MCTS, CCNA, KLCP) – Expert of Engineering Telecom Infrastructure Networks at NOKIA Singapore

06 OCT 2017
Mobile e-Commerce Revolution
Guest Lecture

Industry Expert Guest Speakers: MR WILLIAM SIM ANG LEE, Author / Business Coach at LiFECareer & Trainer of MACE Investment LLP Singapore AND MR PK SOH, Founder of Biznovation Coach Pte Ltd, Singapore.

29 SEP 2017
“Corporate Resource Centre” (CRC) Briefing

“Corporate Resource Centre” Introduction 

18 AUG 2017
Mind Management

Mind Management with Yoga and Breath a workshop conducted by Mr RAJARATNAM SADASIVAM - Pilot, Yoga and Meditation Teacher at Art of Living, Singapore

11 AUG 2017
Industrial Visit - Urban Redevelopment Authority
Industrial Visit

Amity Global Institute is organising a visit for our students at "Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Singapore Gallery"

05 AUG 2017
International Conference
Amity Global Business School – 4th International R

“International Conference on 4Cs to Create Global Organisation: Culture, Competitiveness, Commitment and Co-Existence”


28 JUL 2017
Persuasion & Rapport-Building Skills
Guest Lecture

"Persuasion & Rapport-Building Skills For Career Success" a guest lecture conducted by expert speaker Mr. Tylus Lim, Lead Trainer and Founder at Tycoon Brain Productions Singapore

26 JUL 2017
Speakeasy Conversation

Join us every Wednesday @ 12.00 pm at "Speakeasy Conversation Session"


21 JUL 2017

Organised for training purposes, in-person mock interviews session helps to prepare our future graduates to develop and improve their interviewing skills. This conversational exercise it’s similar with a real interview with the objective of providing real experience for candidate.

14 JUL 2017
Self Awareness-"Part of 21st Century Digital Era"
Guest Lecture

Self Awareness-"Part of 21st Century Digital Era" a session conducted by Mr Stervey LIM, Human Profiler • Performance Maven • Public Speaker at  F.A.C.E MAVEN Partnership (MyAwarenessProgram)

19 MAY 2017
Graduate Career Outlook

Industry Expert Speakers: Ms. Angela Goh, Financial Services Manager and Mr. Damien Teo, Financial Services Manager at AXA Insurance Ptd Ltd

12 MAY 2017
Social Graces & Business Etiquette
Guest Lecture

"Social Graces & Business Etiquette at the Work Place" a session conducted by Mr. Joshua Luke Author & TV Personality, Group Chief Trainer Coach at Signature Image Academy International.

28 APR 2017
"What to know before your first Interview"

“Preparation is Key – What to know before your first Interview”. Workshop conducted by Mr. Michael Chance, (MBA), Senior Lecturer at Amity Global Business School – Singapore.

24 APR 2017
Industrial Visit

Gardenia’s daily bakery tour is a specially structured programme that serves to educate about the goodness of Gardenia breads and its unique method of bread-making.

21 APR 2017
Guest Lecture

‘Programme Management’ an Essential Tool - Guest Lecture conducted by Mr. Zahir Siddique (B.Eng MBA), Regional Sales Director at TYCO / Johnson Controls and actively involved in the Singapore Smart Nation Initiative working together with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore.

07 APR 2017
Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture conducted by MR. SAM JAY YEO, Masters of Law, Visiting Academic in Law

Corporate Crimes - An inevitable phenomenon, the types and genres of different corporate offences will be broached. Of particular relevance will be offences relating to international trade practices. The students would benefit from an overview of how certain conduct/omissions would attract culpability? e.g. Fraud and Corporate Manslaughter.

31 MAR 2017
"Dining Etiquette for Business Professionals"

"Dining Etiquette for Business Professionals", a session conducted by expert trainer: Mrs Jill Lowe, Master Trainer & Founder and Team.

22 MAR 2017
"Key Factors that Make Companies Want to Hire You"
Guest Lecture

“Key Factors That Make Companies Want To Hire You". Guest lecture conducted by Guest Speaker: Mr. Tylus Lim, Founder & Lead Trainer at Tycoon Brain Productions

20 MAR 2017
"Creativity and High Growth Firms"

Amity Global Business School students attending NUS-ETM SEMINAR SERIES - "Creativity and High Growth Firms: Regional Determinants of High Growth Firms in the EU", seminar conducted by Expert Speaker:  PROF. LEO SLEUWAEGEN, Managerial Economics, Strategy and International Business at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and Partner of the Vlerick Business School.

17 MAR 2017
"How to Achieve Career Success?"
Guest Lecture

"How to Achieve Career Success?"

Guest lecture conducted by expert guest speaker: Mr Amit Agrawal, Vice President at AxiomSl, Singapore.

10 MAR 2017
"Resume Writing and Letter of Intention"

"Resume Writing and Letter of Intention for a Successful Job Application", workshop conducted by Mr. Michael Chance, (BA, MBA), Senior Lecturer at Amity Global Business School – Singapore

08 MAR 2017
"Working and Living in Singapore"
Guest Lecture

Industry Guest Speaker: MR. GABRIEL LIM, Area Director South Asia at Contact Singapore. ‘Contact Singapore’ is an alliance of the Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Manpower 

03 MAR 2017
Effective Presentation Skills
Guest Lecture

Effective Presentation Skills: “Speak with Confidence for Personal and Professional Success” a session conducted by Mr. Mathew Linus, Marketing, Management & Training Consultant and Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coach.

23 JAN 2017
"Redesigning Economics to Redesign the World"

Entrepreneurship at NTU - Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus: "Redesigning Economics to Redesign the World"

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is the father of social business and microcredit, the founder of Grameen Bank, and of more than 50 other companies in Bangladesh. For his constant innovation and enterprise, the Fortune Magazine named Professor Yunus in March 2012 as "one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time".

20 JAN 2017
Adventist Home for The Elders Visit

Visit to Adventist Home for The Elders in conjunction with Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! A visit to Adventist Home For The Elders on 20th January 2017, Friday, in conjunction with Lunar New Year celebration. As part of Chinese tradition, oranges were offered to the elderly.

13 JAN 2017
Microsoft EXCEL

Expert Trainer: DR. Kudligi Sathyanarayanamurthy Raghuram (DR. Ram), Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for ACCA Programmes at Amity Global Business School Singapore.


Learning from now how to use Excel efficiently provides value, since most jobs utilize this application. This opens up more opportunities for employment and career advancement.

02 DEC 2016
Industry Exposure Programme

Industry Exposure Programme - Student Presentations

28 NOV 2016
Emerging Trends in Global Business Management
4th International Conference

The conference aims to provide a forum for exchange of ideas on the latest business developments in the field of Business and Management among researchers and practitioners from universities and industries and to seek opportunities for collaboration among the participants. The conference features key note speeches, engaging workshops and panel discussions.

11 NOV 2016
Networking Skills and Crowd Engagement
Guest Lecture

Expert Guest Speaker: Mr. Clement Chio, Chief Coach at Speech Ionizers, Singapore

04 NOV 2016
Personal Branding for Successful Professionals
Grooming Workshop

Trainer: Ms Jill Lowe, Master Trainer & Founder of Jill Lowe, Singapore

28 OCT 2016

Industry Expert Speaker: Mr. Alex Sua, Strategic and Media Director at Hamilton & Sherwind and also, helping MNCs and Government agencies in Branding, Digital Marketing and Event Management.


21 OCT 2016
NeWater Plant Tour
Industry Visit

This visit it’s a unique experience that will enrich your knowledge by understanding the innovation behind the water management techniques in Singapore.

21 OCT 2016
Pastoral Counselling

Lecture by Mrs. Marta Ciach, Senior Lecturer,  Amity Global Business School Singapore

This session provided useful guidance on coping with demands and challenges of studying and what to expect during academic year.


07 OCT 2016
Corporate Resource Centre Introduction

Corporate Resource Centre Briefing - Introduction for New Students

30 SEP 2016
Nanotechnology; Applications and Safety
Guest Lecture
Prof. Dr. Qamar Rahman
Visiting Prof. at Rostock University, Germany
Research Prof. University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA 
Distinguished Professor Amity University, Noida, India
External advisor of WHO (Geneva) on Occupational Safety of Nanomaterials
Director & Dean Research (Sc. & Tech.) Amity University, India.
Prof. Dr. Qamar Rahman is listed among 10 Brightest Women Scientists of India!
05 AUG 2016
Working and Living in Singapore

Industry Guest Speaker: Mr.  Gabriel Lim, Area Director (South Asia) at Contact Singapore.

Contact Singapore - an alliance of the Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Manpower

Date:  Friday, 5 August 2016

Time: 16:00 PM - 17:30 PM

Venue: AMITY GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, 100 Victoria Street, #11-01, National Library Building, Singapore, 188 064, Classroom 1.

29 JUL 2016
How to Become a Job Creator, Not Only a Job Seeker

Seminar conducted by Industry Expert Speaker:  Mr. Anthony LEE, Founder & Business Owner - Kaldi’s Berry Private Limited and moderated by: Mr. Anndy LIAN, General Manager at SBF Connect Singapore.

16 JUL 2016
International Conference
Outdoor Events

We are indeed delighted to inform you that Amity Global Business School is organizing an International Conference on "Inspiring, Involving & Integrating New Practices in Management & Strategy for Creating World Class Innovative Organisations".


Date : Saturday, 16th July 2016

Time : 09.00am to 01.00pm

Venue : Hibiscus Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.



16 JUL 2016
Career Connect 2016
Career Fair

In the current slowing economy, the journey of finding a stable career, much less a dream career in your chosen field is filled with many obstacles. This has lead to the conceptualization of Career Connect 2016 (CC2016), where Amity Global Business School, Singapore has collaborated with Singapore Business Federation’s SBF Connect to bring in more than 25 companies in different industries. This will be an excitingly new platform created solely for all talented graduates and qualified professionals, with the purpose of bringing new exciting opportunities to all seeking to jumpstart their careers, explore growth and development opportunities and upgrading of skill sets.


CC2016 will feature numerous top-tier companies across a wide range of industries, ranging from Manufacturing, IT, Advertising, Insurance, Real Estate, Medical, HR & Construction and Hospitality to Logistics among many others. This will be a great opportunity for all Amitians to explore the wide array of career opportunities.

16 JUL 2016
Graduation Ceremony 2015 / 2016

Marina Bay Sands – Level 3, Hibiscus Junior

1:00PM - 5:00PM