Refund Policy

Refund Policy



  • Application fee for courses is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Requests for refunds arising from withdrawal must be accompanied with an original fully completed hardcopy Student Request Form and supported with relevant documentary proof, where applicable.

Refund During Cooling-Off Period:

Students have a 7 day cooling-off period after signing the contract, during which they are entitled to get the maximum refund, less any course fees consumed by the student if the withdrawal date is later than the course commencement date and the student has started the course, any Amity administrative charges which are stipulated in the miscellaneous fees and applicable bank administrative charges.


The procedure for student-initiated refund (due to Student’s withdrawal / change of mind during 7 day cooling off period, etc) is as follows:

  • School’s non-performance
  • ICA not approving the student pass
  • Student changes his/her mind during the 7 day cooling-off period
  • Student’s withdrawal
  • Course deferment
  • Student going to a Government school for further studies

The procedure for student initiated refund (due to Student’s withdrawal / change of mind during 7 day cooling-off period, etc) is as follows:

  • The student completes and submits the “AGI-SS-FRM-017 Withdrawal Request Form” to Amity requesting a refund with the reasons.
  • The student affairs manager calculates the amount to be refunded in the withdrawal request form. The student affairs manager gives this form to the FPS officer who will look into the student’s eligibility for a refund. He/she calculates and confirm the amount of refund and gets approval from the principal. Thereafter the student affairs manager explains to the student showing the breakdown of the refund.
  • The approved duly completed form is handed over to the Accounts & Finance department to process the refund to the student within 7 working days from the date of request. 
  • For refund of course fees due to withdrawal, the student affairs manager informs the FPS officer who will follow up with the FPS insurance provider on the cancellation of FPS insurance within 3 working days. 
  • Amity keeps all up-to-date refund records in hard copies. The calculation details are accurately and clearly indicated in the AGI-SS-FRM-017 withdrawal request form and the cancellation of certificate of insurance (in the case of insurance) are kept in the individual student file. 

The procedure for a school initiated refund (scenarios may be due to the school not performing / ICA not approving the student pass, etc) is as follows:

  • If the school is unable to run the course, then Principal in consultation with the Management Team decides not to run the course. Upon receipt of written confirmation that the course will not run, Department Head – Student Affairs calculates the amount of refund due to the students and obtains approval from Principal to give the refund.
  • In other cases, like ICA student pass rejection, excess payment by student, etc Principal will ask Department Head – Student Affairs or designated staff to calculate the amount of refund due to the students and who later obtains approval from Principal on the calculations.
  • Upon approval Principal sends “Appendix 8 Request for Refund Letter” to the escrow account provider (if the student is on this scheme) to return money to students along with other relevant documents. The school will then email a copy of the acknowledgment given by the escrow account provider to the student. The escrow account provider will refund the money direct to the student.
  • The school keeps its refund records in hard copy. The calculation details are clearly indicated in the FRM – 043 Withdrawal Request Form along with Appendix 8 Request for Refund Letter which is kept in the individual student file.
  • For students whose fees are protected though Insurance scheme, Amity shall refund the fees directly to the student upon approval from the Principal.
  • The relevant staff-in-charge is the Principal, Course Counsellors & Student Affairs Officer or, in her / his absence, Department Head – Student Affairs who is conversant with the refund procedures. Counter staff / Student Affairs Officer / Accounts Staff may be involved in clerical parts of the procedure under their supervision.
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