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About Amity in Singapore

Amity is part of a leading world-wide Education Group which has over two decades of experience in the field of education.The Amity Singapore offers Industry Oriented Management Programmes designed by leading academicians and corporate world members. Benchmarking with the latest content and teaching methodologies across the world, the Programmes are an ideal platform for the launch of ones career or getting on to the Fast-Track.Backed by professionals with decades of experience in the corporate world and in the education field, Amity provides the best mix of practice and theory to ensure your success.

Members of Academic Board

Amity has appointed the following experts as the Members of Academic Board to ensure that for each course, the assessment principles, processes, methods and practices are aligned with the learning outcomes and contents.

Academic Board Members
Dr Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy (Chairman)
Mr Subhasis Chatterjee
Mr Venkatesha Murthy
Mr Yoo Loo Ping
Dr Venkatesh Naganathan
Dr Tan Heng Tsai, Adrian

Responsibilities of the board are

-To develop and review the policies and procedures on all academic matters of the private education institution, including but not limited to academic quality assurance measures; and

-To facilitate the implementation of and compliance with such policies and procedures.

They are also incharge to,

-Develop a set of standards to ensure the academic quality of every course to be offered or provided by the private education institution, including but not limited to-
1- The content of the modules or subjects of the course;
2- The duration of the course; and
3- The appropriate entry and graduation requirements;

-Approve each person to be deployed to teach any course offered or provided by the private education institution or any module or subject thereof, after determining that the person possesses the minimum qualifications and experience and other criteria prescribed in regulation 26; and

-Review the policies and procedures at least once a year

They shall also approve the design and development outcomes of all courses, including any refinement made due to the review process. If design and development is carried out by trained professionals or experts, the academic board is still required for endorsement.

They shall also work in the review of assessments also.

About The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. They aim to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA global support 162,000 members and 428,000 students in 173 countries, helping them to develop successful careers in accounting and business, with the skills needed by employers & work through a network of 89 offices and centres and more than 8,500 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide high standards of employee learning and development

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